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Bovina Valley Farms
Catskills, New York
We are a 200 acre organic dairy farm of rolling hills, lush pastures and abundant spring waters located in the heart of the great western Catskill Mountains. We make our Alderney cheese on a weekly basis at a neighboring creamery with the raw milk from our 30 plus dairy cows. We are excited for the completion of our fully operational farmstead creamery being built right within our own historic carriage house on the farm. This will enable us to meet the increasingly high demands for our artisan cheese.
Alderney is a raw organic cows' milk tomme with a smooth and creamy texture, mild in flavor, aged 60 days.
Product List
Alderney Tomme: 1/2 lb and up
Alderney Tomme: Standard wheel size: 4-5 lbs

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