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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way of linking farmers directly with the people who want to eat freshly harvested food they grow.
In exchange for an upfront payment, CSA members receive a "share" of the farm's harvest. EAT FOOD DISTRIBUTORS' CSA is a cooperative program bringing fresh farm products from Vermont and Upstate, NY. We offer a variety of fresh food for the consumer while supporting small farms that produce specialty foods. Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to help build healthy farms, healthy local economies, and healthy people!
  • You'll pre-pay a monthly or bimonthly fee of $75/mo for 6 months. Your package price is used to pay the farmers upfront cost for the seasons' production.
  • Our CSA differentiates itself by allowing unscheduled deliveries and product additions.
  • Your $75 package includes $25 worth of produce and $50 of dairy, meat and other value add-on items of your choosing.
  • You will receive a monthly newsletter including seasonal items available from our farmers.
  • Pick-up is at 242 East 60th St. #2R. Deliveries can be arranged for additional cost.
  • Worried you won't know how to prepare the food in your package? We'll coach you through the preparation.

EACH month (or bimonthly) you will come by EAT FOOD DISTRIBUTORS and pick up your CSA box of super fresh seasonal produce and your choice of add-ons (meat, poultry, game, dairy including milk, yogurt, cheese, butter).

Click here for the EFD CSA Brochure

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